Natural Remedies Shrink Fibroids

Did you know that natural remedies shrink fibroids? You can stop and prevent the growth of fibroids naturally without resorting to medication and other typical procedures. Most of these natural remedies focus on reducing the amount of estrogen in the body since increased estrogen levels promotes the development and growth of fibroids. Here are some of the most common natural remedies used to help shrink fibroids.

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each day helps flush out toxins from the body. Along with drinking plenty of water, getting a liver detox can also help to shrink fibroids by ridding the body of excess toxins and making it easier for the liver to metabolize and remove excess estrogen from the body.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, and nuts helps promote the excretion of estrogen and can reduce the size of fibroids. You should try to avoid red meats, diary products, and foods high in saturated fat and sugar.

Taking herbs such as Vitex, Red Clover, Motherwort, Red Raspberry, Yellow Dock Root, Milk Thistle, and Goldenseal helps to relieve some of the symptoms associated with fibroids and also helps to shrink them. These herbs offer quite a few other reproductive health benefits as well.

Exercising moderately helps to reduce stress, relieve fibroid symptoms, and manage body weight. Being overweight or obese can contribute to fibroid development and growth. Exercise can help you lose weight which is very beneficial if you are wanting to shrink your fibroids and prevent more from forming.

Castor oil compresses can also be used to help shrink fibroids. You can soak a washcloth in warm castor oil and apply it to your belly for half an hour to an hour. The warmth can help soothe painful fibroid symptoms. The actual castor oil is thought to penetrate through to the organs which helps the actual fibroids to shrink.

These are some of the natural remedies used to shrink fibroids. These remedies also help in several other areas so they provide added benefits. Now that you know which natural remedies shrink fibroids, all that is left is to use them and watch your fibroids decrease in size over time.

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