Herbs to Shrink Fibroids

Herbs have been used for many years to treat all sorts of health related issues. It is no surprise to find out that herbs can help treat fibroids and the symptoms associated with them. There are several herbs that can be taken to balance hormones, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the liver which all help to reduce and prevent the growth of fibroids. Here are some of the most popular herbs to shrink fibroids.

Chasteberry – Chasteberry, more commonly known as Vitex, is one of the top herbs to consider when trying to treat fibroids. This herb can actually help dissolve fibrous tissue and shrink the tumors. Chasteberry also helps to balance hormones. It is said that when hormones are balanced, fibroid growth may be prevented. Aside from balancing hormones and shrinking fibroids, Chasteberry can also help to reduce inflammation and excess estrogen levels.

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Yellow Dock Root, Dandelion, and Milk Thistle – Yellow Dock Root, Dandelion, and Milk Thistle are all herbs that help strengthen the liver. A stronger liver metabolizes estrogen more efficiently which can reduce the intensity and frequency of fibroids. These herbs help rid the body of excess estrogen.

Burdock Root – Burdock Root is another herb that can shrink fibroids. It contains a natural tumor inhibitor called arctigenin and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to reduce bloating and swelling. Overall, Burdock Root can help stop and reduce the growth of fibroids.Find Burdock Root Here.

Goldenseal – This herb helps promote healthy uterine tissues and reduces inflammation which is beneficial when dealing with fibroids. Goldenseal also helps to prevent the development and growth of fibroids.Goldenseal Special Price.

These are some of the most beneficial herbs to shrink fibroids. There are also some other herbs such as red clover, motherwort, black cohosh, red raspberry, and Siberian ginseng which help to relieve symptoms associated with fibroids that women can take if they are having any symptoms. So, if you want a natural way to shrink fibroids, herbs is an option.

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